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Apr 28, 2014 ... 2077273, In the /var/log/storageRM.log file, you see the log spew: ... 0x0) failed: Permission denied. ... Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them here. ... To workaround this issue, change the mode of the slot file: ... on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page. The vmkernel logs in ESXi hosts report the error: Replay of journal on vol 2041457, When you browse the datastore to view existing files, you do not see any files ... cpu12:5630)WARNING: J3: 3207: Replaying slot 0 for journal at

Recently I noticed that my datastore cluster was not providing Latency statistics during initial placement. The datastore recommendation during initial placement displayed space utilization statistics, but displayed 0 in the I/O Latency Before column The performance statistics of my datastores ...

VMWareFailed to lock the file - Cannot open the disk vmdlk… 03 October 2009. VMWare – Failed to lock the fileI face this issue when my VMWare could not open the virtual machine and was giving error: Failed to lockI will read the book in two or three days as I get free from studies. a debt of gratitude is in order for allowing to the perusers to peruse this book. Resolving VMWare Converter File I/O Error | Chris… FAILED: A file I/O error occurred while accessing ”. I get this error when using “WMware vcenter Converter Standalone 6.0.0” to convert any powered-onerror vmware-converter-server[01288] [Originator@6876 sub=Ufa.HTTPService] Failed to read request; stream:

Migration from VMware to Nutanix AHV failing ... upon starting the cutover the plan is failing at VM creation on the target with the error "Slot scsi.1 is occupied.

Connecting USB Devices to Virtual Machines - VMware If you move a data storage device too soon after saving a file and the operating system did not actually write the data to the disk, you can lose data. Installing USB Drivers on Windows Hosts When a particular USB device is connected to a virtual machine for the first time, the host detects it as a new device named VMware USB Device and ... VMWare – Failed to lock the file - Cannot open the disk vmdlk ...

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Cannot open the disk Failed to lock the file |VMware Communities Have you done below step on 2nd VM also After the disk has been zero'd out go back into "Edit Settings" > click the new SCSI controller 1 and choose "Physical" Virtual disks can be shared between virtual machines on any server. VMware Fix - Failed to lock the file Cannot open the disk ...