Slot antenna finite ground plane

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Technical Feature A Large Bandwidth T-shaped Microstrip-fed Ground Plane Slot Antenna The characteristics of a T-shaped microstrip feeding a ground plane slot antenna have been analyzed using the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method. The impedance and bandwidth of the proposed antenna depend highly on the design parameters. The...

This paper examines the effect of a finite ground plane on the radiation patterns of waveguide slot antennas. A hybrid geometrical theory of diffraction (GTD) method is presented to calculate the UWB Slot Antenna on a Folded Finite Ground Plane - An innovative antenna based on a printed rectangular slot etched in a finite ground plane which is folded conformably to a boxed structure is proposed for UWB applications. The antenna is fed by a 50Omega microstrip line printed in a dielectric substrate. Due to geometry, the finite folded ground allows the far-field radiation patterns to fill the entire space. CPW-fed capacitive coupled slot antenna with finite ground In this paper, design of slot antenna fed by CPW through capacitive coupling with finite ground plane is presented. The propose antenna exhibit perfect impedance matching, unidirectional radiation

A prototype of the bow-tie slot antenna is fabricated and the return loss is measured using the HP 8510C vector network analyzer (VNA). The fabricated antenna has a finite ground plane truncated at 1 cm away from the bow-tie slot edge. The antenna with the connector is simulated

Electrically-Small Antenna Performance Enhancement for 2019-2-4 · properties of these antenna-finite ground plane systems are characterized by an appreciable percentage of 5.5 Multi-Resonant Patch - U-Slot Antenna 84 5.5.1 Sensitivity to Finite Ground Plane 88 5.5.2 Discussion - U-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna 89 5.6 Conclusions 89 Effect of lossy earth on antenna gain - NIST Page 2011-12-15 · MEASURED PATTERN OF STUB ANTENNA ON GROUND PLANE OF CIA= .3045 m MEASURED PATTERN OF SLOT ANTENNA ON GROUND PLANE OF OIA z .162 m (GAIN FUNCTIONS NORMALIZED) E,' 8 TAN 13 ·.4 fo 8.6 Gels ELEVATION ANGLE.Ijt.IN DEGREES FIGURE 1. Comparison of measured and theoretical pattern of slot and stub antennas.

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Reduction of Ground-Plane-Dependent Effects on ... - Arrow@DIT Jan 1, 2008 ... The recent introduction of a ground plane printed on the opposite side of a substrate ... a wide-slot antenna but with a large planar-monopole microstrip feed . ... which employs the finite-integration time–domain tech- nique. Single-Feed Triangular Slotted Microstrip Bowtie Antenna for Quad ...

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The introduction of a ground slot in a finite antenna ground plane can be further extended to include reconfigurable features. Antenna (radio) - Wikipedia Thus the antenna's impedance, given by the ratio of feedpoint voltage to current, is altered due to the antenna's proximity to the ground.